Villains creates a moving theatrical graphic novel onstage in n night of physicality, theatre, animation and film. In a world of spin where morality is guided by volume, this new production from award-winning choreographer Luke Murphy looks at the myths we create, accept, destroy and forget all within the course of a week.

With a multi screen installation by video artist David Fishel, Villains weaves a storyboard of mysterious characters, conflicted heroes, innocent bystanders and big, big bad guys. With his unique blend of unexpected theatre, explosive dance and rich visual worlds Murphy returns to Cork with a timely investigation of our times in a tempest of movement and a storm of questions.

“a sophisticated, multilayered, multimedia piece of dance theatre…billed as a “live graphic novel”, Villains sets itself up in dialogue with contemporary culture, but its interests are more varied and deeper than that, gliding over subjects as diverse as religion, history, etymology, literature and contemporary media…Villains is beautiful, thought-provoking and a technological triumph”- **** Sara Keating- Sunday Business Post

“slick visuals, well-judged choreography and engaging performances.” ****- Michael Seever- Irish Times Sept 10 2019

“Individual disciplines deliver some stunning moments…dancers frequently erupt into flow, establishing mesmerising patterns, crafting some sublime solos and duets, as well as loosely synchronised group sequences. Throughout, Gyssler and Tang continuously stand out, with Tang’s duet with the sixth performer proving particularly clever…With some stunningly choreographed moments, and a top class sound design” ***- Chris O Rourke,

Directed Choreographed and Designed by Luke Murphy

Video Design by David Fishel

Animation by Paul deSilve, Patrick Hovarth, Cain Pickens, William Connell (Performer)

Performed by Luke Murphy, Zoe Gyssler, Hsiao Jou Tang, Eddie Oroyan, Omar Gordon

Lighting by Hanan Sheedy